Rum, whisky, gin, cognac and many other great products from all over the world

The world of quality drinks is rich and various, influenced by territory, its climate, history and traditions. Fascinating stories describing their richness since their birth till present. Nice craft (art) passed from generation to generation, ancient recipes, unique or closely guarded production processes. All mentioned above is behind our offer of (not only) these noble spirits:

  • Rum - more than 300 brands from 6 continents of this current king among premium spirits, plenty of various processes and tastes

  • Whisky/whiskey/bourbon – an ancient drinks from Scottish or Irish highlands, smoothness of local single malts or specific taste of American bourbon added e.g. by its French or Japanese sisters

  • Gin – an unexpected treasure of ant´s work with fine herbs and spices. Premium gins from all over the world are currently the most growing category in ultra premium segment and worth discovering

  • Cognac – an unwritten emperor of noble spirits. Richness of the same name region in South West of France, heritage passed from generation to generation, tradition and closely guarded quality

  • Tequila – after initial storm of various kinds of distillates, there is a return of discovering of a fine craft based on 100% agave. Unique products of Aztec empire dscedants

  • Vodka – multiple distillation, smoothness filtrated through charcoal, even diamonds sometimes (from Russia to Canada). Ice beauty and purity of this traditional spirit

  • Absinth, Cachaca, Grappa, Ouzo, Porto, Champagne, various kinds of giftpacks etc., etc. – a plenty of premium drinks, which are typical for a specific region and its production processes

    An assortment is really wide and rich. You can make a complete overview (not only) in the specialized liqueur store.

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